Taco Tubing – A floating Matt Tubing Attachment! – Taking Pre-Orders – Ships in May!

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Planning to Ship the first Batches in May!

Taco-Tubing derives its name from the Taco shape of the Floating Matt folds into when it is loaded down with riders!
It has superior towing capacity 8+ Adults, 20mph towing speeds.
It can be attached to a variety of different brands of floating matts.

Replaces your stock anchor point!


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3 Layer 2″ Thick Matts are ideal and perform great! (or Thicker)

  • Superior towing capacity 8+ Adults, 20mph towing speeds.

2 Layer 1.5″ Thick Matts, do not have the floatation or rigidity required to make this product work effectively.

  • though it is just as durable, you can maybe can do 4 adult riders, and even then, the matt will tend to submarine! trying to fit more riders on makes it is almost impossible to stay on!
  • Not Recommended

There are two boards that sandwich the Floating Matt, they each have a cushy EVA foam exteriors and recessed hardware to prevent injury from direct contact with the board, swimmers may relax on the floating matts, but often engage in rough-housing and wrestling, leading to all sorts of falls that may cause them to hit the cushy Taco-Tubing TowHarness.

All Stainless Steel Hardware!  Composite HDPE boards!  Strong Durable EVA Foam!

Patent Pending

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in
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