Doug, G

Pontoon Trailer Stabilizers

Hey Jeremy 


Wanted to thank you for such a great product. Made the 320mi drive up to our cabin with no issues. The only tricky part was my 2024 Karavan not having a cross brace to hook the ratchet straps to, so you can see in one of the pics I had to go clamp to clamp under the training wheel steel to make it work. Nbd.  With the 2×4’s on the trailer and with the bunks slightly snug to the pontoons I think I had them hovering almost 2″ above the ground during the trip. Little high but they touched ground during uneven road spots. 
Overall great experience, instructions were intuitive and spot on. I didn’t have time to install the light kit but it all worked out great. 
Thanks again!
Doug, G

Greg, T
Lewiston, Mi

Pontoon Trailer Stabilizers


Thanks so much for your great product for trailering pontoon boats long distances with scissor style trailers. 


I own a very nice Genesis scissor style pontoon trailer.  It works well in most situations, but due to the wheels being inside the pontoons it is a little too unstable for high speeds and long distances.  I wanted to move a pontoon boat from northern Michigan to Central Florida and bring a different one back to Michigan.


I called Genesis and asked if they had any suggestions.  They told me they were aware of one product and pointed me to your website and gave me your number. 


After a little bit of work raising the pontoon into a higher riding position we put on the stabilizers and we were off. 

Four days and 2,800 miles later, both pontoon boats are in their new homes without incident. 


We drove at speeds up to 70 mph and the trailer was very stable in a variety of conditions.  This trip could not even be attempted without your product, but with the “training wheels“  it went off without a hitch (no pun intended).


Thanks for all your assistance. 

Greg T

Charlie S.
Prior Lake, MN

Pontoon Trailer Stabilizers



     Last year I was planning to tow my boat about 200 miles to a resort in Northern Minnesota and knew that the route involved all sorts of curvy roads, as well as a rugged/uneven path leading into the property. I worried my scissor trailer would tip and end the vacation before we even got started. A few weeks before we left I found Double Dash Marine and really started to study the Trailer Training Wheels that Jeremy has designed and built. Jeremy is super responsive and answered all of my questions as they came up.


     I ordered one of his kits and he worked with me to customize the components based off of the measurements I sent in. I was impressed with the quality of his parts, welds, and overall design, as well as the relative ease of putting it all together to install. Having a second person help (as Jeremy recommends) is a must at times, but he was also really responsive to any questions I had as I assembled the pieces. Once installed I took the boat for a trip down the road and I must say it is one of the best decisions related to trailering that I have ever made. The usual lean that came with making even the slowest corners was gone and the boat was rock solid stable at 70 mph. That video he has on his website is a great example of what these stabilizers can do. (I maybe haven’t slalomed my boat through a parking lot, but I’m sure I could!)


     After a few miles I stopped worrying about tipping the boat completely and knew I had made the right decision. Even my wife, who was skeptical at first, was impressed how much stability was added.


     Long story short, if you plan to use a scissor trailer to move a pontoon around any further than your property I would highly recommend you invest in this stabilizer kit. The added peace of mind and safety it has provided is absolutely priceless.


     Thanks Jeremy!


Pontoon Trailer Stabilizers
Gen 1

     I just bought a used 26ft Avalon Pontoon that included a scissor lift trailer.  I had never used a scissor lift trailer, but I knew they were tippy.  We typically trailer a couple times a year on 500+ mile round trips.  Needless to say, I did not want to trailer this pontoon.  I was either going to trade it in for a bunk trailer or not trailer at all.  I started searching online as I figured someone had a solution.  I shortly found Jeremy’s website and reached out to him.  Within a couple days of back and forth, I was confident in both Jeremy and his custom pontoon training wheels working that I went ahead and ordered one.  We had a trip planned in two weeks.  Jeremy was able to build one up and ship to me within a week.  He also knew that I needed to add 3 inches of lift to the trailer bunks for it to work.  I was able to install the lifts prior to getting the training wheels.  I received the parts and assembled just in time for the trip.  Assembly was a little work but pretty straightforward with the included instructions.  The training wheels worked great… I definitely felt safe driving down the road!


     Jeremy, thanks for all the help and the creative solution, I’ve already recommended to other neighbors.


Ben K.

Pontoon Trailer Stabilizers


    Great Product, Great Service,

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